Monday, December 10, 2007

Suddenly Dad

Today, I administered the first of my two finals. Several of the students wished me well or embraced me, knowing they might never see me again, thanking me "for everything". I have yet one more final to write and administer (on Wednesday night). Then lots and lots of grading.

D, our au pair since the end of July has found a new family. We decided to forego the extension. We just couldn't justify the expense for a need we no longer felt we had. But she'll be leaving us suddenly, tomorrow! I wish her well. She was able to watch the boys today, which helped. Rocket will plan to be home early on Wednesday, so I can head into traffic by 4:30 (necessary for me to get down there in time to grab a bite before the exam begins at 7:00).

Rocket is officially telecommuting two days per week, so we'll likely both work from home on tomorrow and Thursday (I, mostly or entirely just grading), trading off keeping the boys company. I'll be on full-time dad duty during the day Wednesday and Friday, and through Thursday of next week, as she finishes up her loose ends. Friday would normally be a day off for her (still on the 9-80 schedule)... making Thursday her final day.

That's the end of something. We're all home then, suddenly! For now, I'll still keep my office, and will plan to keep plugging away on patent development and coding my proofs-of-concept. But I'm no longer on anybody's schedule but my own. I suspect I'll be content to work 5 or 6 hours a day.

We'll have time to leisurely pack over the next couple months, to purge, throw away, give away, or donate whatever we can do without. We've got research to do about where precisely we'll be moving, and about our options for moving our things. We've got to research about health insurance. I'm no longer expecting Miwla to call (though of course they may yet). I can't say that I won't be half-relieved if they don't. Then the decision is easier to make. I won't have to consider whether their offer represents something good, bad, or neutral.

In the meantime, I've been selling off equities holdings, and transferring more of our money into bonds and cash. I'd like to keep a year to 18-months liquid and accessible. If we decide to buy a place, we'll need the cash for a down-payment. We'll just have to see.

One at a time:
  • Exam #2: write and administer
  • Enjoy my boys
  • Grade both exams, final assignments, extra credit
  • Enjoy my boys
  • Register grades
  • Enjoy my boys
  • Celebrate our freedom!
  • Plan for the next chapter
  • Prepare for and enjoy the birth of #3
  • Move on
The journey is good.


Lilian said...

In spite of the uncertainties it looks like you have everything planned and sorted out. We have so many things pending and it's nearly impossible to do anything or to make any decisions right now. Thankfully I have now calmed down and feel peaceful, in spite of all the "not knowings." I'm glad we have similar journeys and can compare notes along the way...

RocketMom said...

Lilian, I think it only appears that we have everything planned and sorted out! There are always things we won't know because life is uncertain. But, if we can keep functioning, keep living, even without knowing, then we are well on our way.