Wednesday, November 18, 2009


A month has passed since last I wrote. Last week, I had a couple candidates out for interviews. I offered them both jobs. One has signed and accepted the offer to start in the new year. The second is still deciding.

Tough decision. I recall how difficult it was for me to make that break from academia, to give off the over-lengthy job search for a faculty position. This candidate has but a fraction of my experience in that regard. Can't say what the decision will be, though I'd love to have them both.

I held a telephone interview yesterday with another candidate, to fill the third position I have open. That went well. A couple more applications to review, then I'll invite one of them out for an interview and hopefully a job offer.

I'm still awaiting official award of these two pending contracts. Time takes time. But it's all in the works. Meantime, I'm working to finish up a patent application, and prepare the various training and procedural documents I need for employees.

Next week, I go to visit family for Thanksgiving. Quite a bit this year to be thankful for. Little to compain of.