Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Painful goodbye

Briefly (since it's after 1:00, and I'll be up with the boys by 7:00). I've finished grading the final exams for the second class. Now all that remains is to register grades for my first class, and calculate (and double check) the grades for this second one, then register them as well.

On both exams, the final essay question was essentially: What did you learn in this class, and how might you use that in your life and career moving forward? I asked for specifics, but left them room to expand on their real thoughts. I found it the sort of question that would force them to reflect on the term, especially important since both of my classes were Gen. Ed.

I was impressed and moved by many of the comments. Perhaps I'll share some of the pith in the coming days. I found myself in tears at times, realizing that I did touch these students. How much ever more painful it is then for me to walk away. These kids deserve a teacher like me. But I deserve so much better than Lemon (or any other institution I've applied to) has been willing to give me.

Damn, it hurts to go!


Tracy said...

For all of the hassles and the administrivia that go along with teaching, it's times like these that it's all worth it. I'm grading our senior capstone portfolios, and the first part of the portfolio asks students to reflect, in 2-3 pages, on their career in the major and where they're headed. The statements are, for the most part, beautiful, and show real learning. It is a special honor to be a part of that.

I'm glad that, despite the bitter taste in your mouth from "Lemon," you have these students to make everything sweeter. They are just a small taste of life's sweetnesses to come for you and your family.

Back to grading for me...

undine said...

The students make all the difference, and you know you've made a difference to them. It's too bad that Lemon wasn't a better situation for you.

Lilian said...

I cannot imagine how painful it is. It'll pass, though, if that helps.