Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Game called on account of climate change stagnation

Hi Articulate,

No problem on the delay in responding--you were ruminating on many things! I totally understand your position, and your business does sound exciting. I could not have kept up my part-time teaching at Lemon either, past that one year. It was our only source of income at the time, so I had to keep it up until the end of the year. But I would have had to give up too, had I not gotten the full-time gig. I hope very very much that you get a full-time position--maybe one of the ones you're applying to will pan out. Let me know if you want me to send that letter (with appropriate changes) anywhere else--I'm happy to do it of course. And I hope we can still all get together sometimes for dinners! That was really fun. I'm looking forward to meeting the new baby.

I know this was a difficult decision for you, but as I said, I totally understand. I will therefore start looking for someone else to teach [your courses]--yes? I can certainly have [administrative staffer] send you your evals. They typically don't come out until late February--Lemon takes so long for everything. And you have an entire semester of teaching now, to add to your CV.

Thank you for doing this teaching this semester--it helped us out a lot. I'm really sorry that Lemon won't/can't budge on enrollment numbers, or salary, or part-time status, etc. I do hope you know that I am just the messenger and have no input into those decisions! I would certainly decide otherwise.

Let's keep in touch frequently!

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