Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Oheň předchází jej a zapaluje vůkol nepřátele jeho.

I think of Dvořák's Biblical Songs: "Fire sends he forth, conflagrating around his enemies".

The sky is a dull gray-blue, mottled throughout with patches and streaks of brown. The air smells of dead wood and flame. Ash dusts my vehicle as I leave the house. Sunrise and sunset these past two days have evinced an orange glow. The moon sits at night as if behind a veil of faded beige.

So far, all of my students are safe, and their families. Only one absence yesterday. I'll ask again in class tonight.

I can only hope that this will soon pass. The heat that surrounds us is unrelenting, not the 109F of the summer, but unwelcome in the 90s at the end of October. The air is unbreathable. My lungs, and eyes, and ears are stuffed and itchy. On campus yesterday, the winds brought only the scent of death and destruction, rather than any breeze of relief.

Southern California and Mexico burn. Send us rain!

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Lilian said...

Last night we called a good friend there in CA (he lives in Banning, I think) after my husband watched the news. It was good to catch up with them (we hadn't been in touch since April, I think) and to know that they're OK.