Thursday, June 21, 2007

Safe and sound in a medieval town

I arrived safely this morning, and made my way to the medieval town of the conference. Unfortunately, my luggage had a detour in Amsterdam. I guess the draw of the city was too much for it to follow me to England. Empty handed I made my way to the college where I'm staying, then had a couple hours to kill in town before I could check in.

I had a spare 20 minutes to rest after finally getting to my room, to sit, before the taxi picked me up and took me back to the city where I landed, for the radio recording session. Not quite the barren room I had expected. Rather a full and cluttered room, with a small section in a corner reserved for "contributors" with a microphone and a headset.

It was rather fun talking about my research, being treated as someone to be listened to, who might have ideas and opinions worth hearing. I felt, despite the exhaustion and the minor trials of travel, that I made my contribution. Apparently the program won't air until August.

Back in my room, I had just fallen into a deep restful sleep, when the beadle cracked a stick upon my door. Suh? It's Harold, the beadle. Your bag's here, suh. It'll be waitin' for yuh at the reception. So, it had it's fill of Amsterdam, in the end, and decided to keep me company. I guess I'll go out for some grub and pub, then sleep soundly tonight.

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