Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A few steps at a time

I leave in a week for England. I've been invited to be part of an interdisciplinary panel at a conference. I got a call last week from a national radio syndicate that they'd like to interview me while I'm over there, for a related broadcast. Interestingly, these events are the result of a full-day conference panel I organized and chaired in Belgium about five years ago, while I was still a graduate student. It's nice to feel recognized for my work, even if it's a long time in coming.

I'm still piecing together my presentation. When I get back, a top priority will be preparing my courses for the fall. I'll be teaching two courses per term adjunct at a school about an hour away. Changes are afoot.

A couple weeks ago, I bought myself a new computer. I went to Ikea, and bought some new office furniture. The room is nicely accoutered now, full, but not overflowing, walls begin to be covered with pictures by and of my boys. It's a good work space for my research, and work. I think I'll get myself a white board to post my ongoing projects on, a visual and prominent reminder of open tasks.

I've left behind pinning all my hopes for the future on getting a full-time tenure-track post at a university, though I expect to continue applying. I'm excited about the prospects my new line of research is opening up. I expect to be talking with a patent attorney soon, for an initial consultation. Once that step is taken, I can work on some presentations for a bank loan or venture capital.

Meantime, it's back to my conference paper.


Betwixt said...

Hi Articulate, Good luck with your conference!

What Now? said...

Best wishes for these new ventures, and happy housewarming for the new blog digs!