Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Basement progression

Here is a progression to date of the basement family room project. The overall interior dimensions of this room when complete will be about 10' x 12'. The TV & entertainment center will be on the right in the picture below, along the southside wall. Straight ahead below (the east wall) will have two craft cabinets. The sofa will lie along the newly constructed wall to the left (wall #3 below).

The relevant quarter of the basement, as it looked when we moved in.

The first wall, framed.

The second wall framed. Note the heating/ac vents on the ceiling. We had to frame those out. We'll be putting in a drop ceiling, and a couple fluorescent light fixtures.

The third wall framed. The pillar you see on the right, will be the left edge of the door frame. We're putting in two 36" wide solid-cherry bifold doors (just ordered them today). That leaves just under 2' between the door and the southside exterior wall.

This is the view of the stairs from inside the family room under construction. To your right is the "third wall". The fourth wall is straight ahead (open in the picture). We have framed this space as well. The pillar above is now on your left in this photo. Between pillars is just under 8'. We'll be putting up three large heavy duty shelves on the stairside of this wall, to serve as pantry storage.

And here is the view from today (the white blotch on your left is the pillar): four walls framed, electrical conduit and boxes in place, moisture barrier installed, insulation up. You see the one of the ventilation chases above.


Tracy said...

Ah, a post after my own renovating heart.

You're doing fantastic work here, AD! Maybe someday I'll see it in person, and Nathan, the Painter, and the Inventor can race around while Meg and the Composer look on.

And then maybe you'll have to come over and help Todd finish OUR basement...!

Sending good wishes your way, friend.

Lilian said...

OH, I KNEW Tracy would have commented before me on this one! ;-)

And I'm so so jealous at the prospect of you all meeting!!

I hope we can refinish our own basement at some point... I would need to find some kind of work so we could afford any more substantial renovations... :-(

But I'm really enjoying the transformation of *your* basement! You're doing an awesome job!

What Now? said...

This is an inspiring post, since doing some work in our own basement will be one of the first orders of business after we close on our house (one week from today!). Unfortunately, neither D nor I is as handy as you, so we'll have to bring in outside help.