Thursday, May 1, 2008

No turning back

It would seem my course is set. I met this morning for over an hour with the director of a center for technology and innovation, sponsored as a regional hub by one of the local colleges. He invited to join us a professor of science and technology entrepreneurship from another local college.

It was freeing to spout off (assured of confidentiality) about my research, and its applications. We set out a plan of action for moving forward. They've projected confidence in my work, and a commitment to helping me make it successful. As the professor put it this afternoon:
Your work sounds really interesting....We'll just have to see how to make it commercially successful! I'm sure we'll be talking more.
Yesterday, I spoke with the regional coordinator for the statewide entrepreneurs' network. He was encouraging and supportive. Among other things, he mentioned a state grant program to assist with a substantial portion of expenses involved in preparing the federal grant proposals, urging me to apply. This morning, there was an email from him saying:
...I passed your name on to a person at [corporation] who may need your expertise as a consultant for some product development they are doing...
Um, yeah, sure, great. I called up that referral this afternoon, and spent more than a half hour with him talking about research and applications. I sent him my CV, and he promised to send it around, and talk up possibilities with others there.

I'm on a path to file some provisional patents, and prepare some federal grant applications, in the next couple weeks. This afternoon, I filed paperwork with the state creating a limited liability corporation for this venture.

This is the world that has been waiting for me outside that door. It looks pretty good from here.


Laura said...

Sounds great, and sounds shockingly like something I'd actually be interested in.

Lilian said...

Wow, I'm thrilled for you! It looks like there are many possibilities out there!