Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Resources abound

I went to a seminar last night a couple hours' drive away. (Got to love it: "a couple hours' drive" in the LA area was about 40 miles... here it's over 100!). The small class was on the topic of starting a technology business. A good start I'd say.

Nice to know, for one thing, that there are Small Business Development Centers set up all over the state, with free counseling for startups and entrepreneurs. I learned about federal grants programs to small businesses for startup research and technology transfer that might be exactly up my alley. And there is assistance available for preparation of the grant applications.

I gave a call this morning to the local SBDC, to set up an initial consultation. I called my father-in-law to request he set up a meeting for me with his former co-worker, a retired corporate patent attorney. They'll be having dinner together on Friday.

It's time for some movement.

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Lilian said...

That sounds great! You've gotta get going!