Monday, March 3, 2008


Silent of late, I know. Details. Preparing for the move.

I drove a van full of household items, furniture, electronics, clothes, etc. over to the Goodwill this morning, much of which we had been planning to donate for months.

I just loaded more than 50 books and 100 journals into the van to be driven to the library for donating later.

We've got our third and final bid from a mover coming over to assess this afternoon. The first scared us (at about $16,000!), but was clearly based on faulty judgment at 18,000 lbs of stuff. The second bid came in (about a third the price) with an assumption of 9500 lbs (and a guarantee that the final price won't be more than 10% higher than the estimate). The only reason we're holding out for a third is that it's a company where a family friend works, and he asked that they be allowed to bid.

We've got a bunch of little household tasks to attend to (fix a broken window, have the carpets cleaned, get the cars their overdue servicing), logistics (how are we moving the cats, when can the movers come, what about the car shippers, when should we fly, do we need a hotel room for a night or two, what about a rental car?).

Rocket went through a brief panic, wondering if she shouldn't go back to work, part-time, or temporarily... what are we going to do? Live off savings? What if it doesn't work out? But, in the end she decided it's alright to jump now. We'll have time to figure everything out.

In any case, we're back to heading out at the end of this month, leaving us precious little time to waste. So, I've been a bit distracted from everything (including blogging). This is a good choice for us. We'll be happy, we'll be more in control of our lives, we'll own a house again. I have confidence.

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Lilian said...

I was a bit worried about RM and I'm glad she has decided you will take the plunge. I'll be thinking of you since I know how hard it is to move, particularly with little ones.