Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lemon Rind

Recent correspondence with my friend Sara Chaisano at Lemon University [tenured a couple years ago], saying "goodbye, we're moving on". We've been trying to plan a get together so she can meet the Composer before we head on. Unfortunately, it looks unlikely with our schedules.

She had asked whether I had received my student evaluations for last term. I replied:
I wonder if you have any stats for the course over time, so I might compare my rankings to standards. Not that I suspect it will much matter, having decided to walk away from a potential academic career. Never know, I might change my mind. But I'm so disappointed and discouraged by what seems like pervasive exploitation of PhDs, both as adjuncts, and as underpaid and overworked tenure-track faculty, that I have lost interest in pursuing the career I spent the past decade preparing for.
Her response:
I hear you about the underpaid overworked part time AND full time tenure track faculty! And it gets only marginally better after tenure, unless you're in a law school or business school where you can make gobs of money. We have the bad end of the stick any way you look at it. Sigh.

I wish you much luck with your new lives!
And so, I'm reminded why I've made this choice, and I'm reinforced in my belief that walking away is the right one.


Lilian said...

Good. Don't look back.

Sometimes there's nothing like the the right kind of "negative feedback" to make us feel better, right?

Breena Ronan said...

Finding a place where your talents are appreciated is important.