Thursday, March 27, 2008

Home owned!

No longer packing. No longer flying. No longer toting (three boys, three car seats, three cats, luggage). Movers should arrive in about a week (hopefully less). Car and van are expected on Monday.

We signed over a large bank check to the mortgage broker today, received a much smaller refund check from them for the difference, and a stack of papers including a warrant deed for our own nice little property in the midst of a wet snow flurry. A welcome greeting. We're still with the inlaws... but I think we're finally HOME... for a time at least.


Tracy said...


Welcome to your new snowy state, where spring will arrive in approximately three months.


Here's hoping this will be a wonderful place for all of you! I hope we'll eventually get to meet!

Beth said...

welcome to wisconsin....

and since the robins have all arrived and theory has it that once they get here, we will get 3 snowstorms...the snow today should be the last that we see of that white crappy stuff !!!

won't it be fun to see if this theory holds true ??

there's probably another theory that says we will never get over 100 inches of snow in a season and well, we all know how that one turned out !!!!

Lilian said...

Congratulations that everything went as planned, may the belongings get there uneventfully and the unpacking be much less painful than the packing.

Been there... done that... :-)