Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Almost done waiting

I wrote recently about waiting. The wait is almost over. Yesterday, I received a copy of the small contract I'd been waiting for. As soon as I review and sign it, that project begins. Latest word on the 2-year contract is to expect it around the end of this month.

There had been a delay in receiving our final payment on the most recently expired contract, but that is finally in the bank as of today. I should also receive the first disbursement check on the loan we're receiving from the state today. It's good to see the bank balances start to trip upwards again.

The credit cards are being paid off. I've been able to write myself a paycheck. The last pay I gave myself was mid-November. Now I'm paid through the end of last year. Once these contracts start flowing, I hope to pay myself regularly.

But other expenses and payroll take precedence. New hires arrive in just a few weeks. I'm doing my best to prepare for their arrival, and for these projects to begin in earnest. The test begins when the waiting ends.


Lilian said...

I'm thrilled for you!! And I hope that our waiting period ends soon too. I am staying positive, my friend, I just had to get that pesky regret thing out of my chest, the other day. Out of the way, perhaps, now that it's out there in the open. Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

And full speed ahead for you!

Lilian said...

(I guess it should have been "full steam" ahead, right? :-)