Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What's reasonable?

Here's a quick question out to my readers:
What's a reasonable salary for a postdoctoral researcher in areas you're familiar with?
I have a fair idea from my own experience applying for postdocs, and I have a sense of what I might have expected as a starting Asst. Prof. in the Humanities. But it's been a couple years, and I may be hiring outside my own fields.

If you don't wish to broadcast it here, I would welcome your emails to my gmail account listed at the top right. Also, feel free to paint a broad brush as far as field or general area of research, or tell me about your spouse's or partner's fields.

I just want to make sure that what I'm planning to advertise would be in the right range to garner interest from qualified parties. I have no interest in hiring someone who feels they deserve much more than I'm able to offer (or conversely who feels they're getting paid more than they'd otherwise expect).


apparently said...

We follow the NIH NRSA guide (years of experience=years post PhD)
Years of Experience: Pay
0: $37,368
1: $39,360
2: $42,204
3: $43,860
4: $45,504
5: $47,460
6: $49,344
7 or more: $51,552

ArticulateDad said...

Thanks apparently. That's perfect! I had been thinking around $40k for a freshly minted PhD, which puts me squarely in the range of expectation. That verifies what I wanted to know. And my planned increase of 8% for year two fits as well, putting me slightly ahead of the curve.