Saturday, November 3, 2007

I am ready

I keep looking at the job postings, mostly in my ostensible subfield. I've looked over other listings in the interdisciplinary area of my interest (but most of those listings are specified within another discipline, limiting their appeal to me, and my appeal to them). I'm excited by this post in the Midwest because the position would honor the truly interdisciplinary nature of the area of research. There are disciplines, and there are interdisciplines, and there is cross-disciplinary work involving more than one discipline to address a specific question. These three should not be confused, but respected to each keep their appropriate place.

A few more posts crop up. I look at them. Some seem reasonable or possible. But mostly, I'm ready to say who I am. I'm ready to enter any interview or negotiation with absolute confidence that I don't need the job. I'm ready to pursue my research with the dedication of a life's work. I'm ready to assess opportunities to teach according to whether they further this life's work or detract from it. The thought of having a job (with its salary and community and benefits) to move to is comforting for the security it engenders. But I'm ready to make the move regardless. I'm ready to build my ideas into a business, and that business into a success. This summer, whatever the circumstance, we move.
I'm ready!

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