Wednesday, August 15, 2007

World-Class Shovel

A few minor disturbances today. My wife called to ask if I could take the Painter to the doctor's office to get his TB test for kindergarten. It's required, which we've known for a while, but because of insurance and doctor hassles we'd been putting it off. Problem is, he starts school in two weeks, I'm out of town next week, and they need the paperwork ASAP. So... I had to take him to a new doctor's office, with the requisite 98 forms to be filled out. It took about two hours to get a 30-second TB test injection. Aaargh!

I've decided another thing. When I enter a doctor's office (or any waiting room) with a loud obnoxious television on, I'll go directly to it, ask with the tone of a judgmental professor whether anyone is watching (I'll forego this if someone obviously is engrossed), then switch it off. It felt so good to turn that thing off!

In any case, it was unexpected time away. I'm trying to get real comfortable with my shovel before I head to [Applied Research Field Industry Conference]. And I'm hoping to leave myself at least one full day before I leave to finalize my initial class preps.

I did some more tweaking of the C++ code, enabling me to process the data more efficiently. I needed to create a multidimensional dynamic array, if you know what I'm talking about. Yesterday's effort succeeded in setting up a dynamic array for my data, then reprocessing it according to my requirements. But I really needed to add the multidimensionality, which will save me a great deal of work. The data I'm dealing with quickly numbers in the hundreds of thousands of data points, so saving time is essential! I'm still mostly clueless when it comes to programming, but drib by drab I'm starting to get it.

Now, about digging those holes...

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