Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Steps & Progress

Yesterday, I issued an offer of employment to hire a new full-time researcher. That brings the staff to seven (four full time). The two current projects are proceeding. New opportunities have been coming up, for which I expect to prepare proposals.

Though I took the steps myself to get where I am today, like wandering in unfamiliar woods, it's hard to recall just how the path took shape. I have believed that circumstances are not immutable, that we can rise above or alter the conditions we are given. Somehow, along the way, I have done just that (at least for now).

I am comfortable, happy, still in love with my wife and delighted by my children. I am well on the way to paying off the remainder of our student loans, and beginning to save for retirement again.

Severe thunderstorm warning. Watch for lightning!


Lilian said...

Nice new blog looks! I have to check the new blogger templates, I guess (supposing you didn't get it from elsewhere -- I didn't check).

I'm glad you're in such a good position. Someday I'll find my path too, I hope.

apparently said...

amazing@! you've come so far, congrats!