Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Good Week

It's been a good week so far. I'm beginning to settle into things a bit more. It's still a surprise to me to head into the office, and know that I'm the boss, that I'm responsible not only for my ideas, and my work. I'm responsible for a staff, and I'm responsible to my clients to deliver.

Today I submitted the third monthly report on my newer project. (The report due dates are staggered a couple weeks, so I flip flop between the two efforts). We're half way through the first stage contract on the second project. That's all that's guaranteed on this one.

At the end of six months, they get to decide if they want to fund us for another couple years. I think we've better than a 50/50 chance to get the two-year extension, but there's a lot riding on what we deliver over the next few months. Can we convince them that we're really onto something, something untried, but potentially transformative?

It's a new area for us as well. There's certainly a link to the work we've been doing, but the issues are broad and deep. Can I successfully make the case that the problems are extensive but that we've something useful to contribute to their resolution? Only time will tell.

But it's a wonderful position to be in to know that even if not, I've got signed contracts sufficient to sustain myself and my staff (perhaps even another new hire or two) for a couple years.

Yes, I've come to realize that there must be a plan beyond that. I need to see this company to long term viability. At the moment, there really isn't another option (shy of shepherding in New Zealand).

So, I look ahead, and keep on keeping on. Meantime, I'll enjoy my Monday off, and I look forward to a few days or a week at the Lake House in July. All in all, life is pretty good.

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Lilian said...

Very good indeed. And you may recall that my brother is in New Zealand. He lives there, but his work as a "tree hugger" (just joking, he's a forest engineer) is all over the world, the last place was Ghana, but he's been in China, Tahiti, Brazil, Australia and other places.