Monday, December 7, 2009


Tonight I got an email from one job applicant, whom I was hoping to invite out for an onsite visit in the next couple weeks. He wrote to say he'd taken a job elsewhere. Last week, I got word from one of the two who came out a few weeks ago, that she as well had accepted an offer elsewhere. So, I've got one new hire coming in the early spring, a couple part-timers and me. That leaves two vacancies as I had planned them, and a bit of uncertainty on my part how I will fill those slots, and whether I will simple proceed as I have been or rethink my tack.

It's hard not to see these two disappointments as a set back. Not severe or insurmountable. Not even as concerning as the details and logistics of getting these two contracts actually awarded (and not still pending). Not as pressing as filing the patent applications, or obtaining bridge funding to get me from the end of one contract to the start of the next two (since payment is always in arrears a couple months, but I still need to cover not only my own expenses, but salary and benefits, etc. for a full staff--that is, once I have one!).

Still a setback. Still disappointing. But I remain committed. I will find the right people. I will build the staff.

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