Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You looking for a job?

Are you interested in a full-time faculty position?
Why? Are you hiring?
Well, yes... I mean, we're opening three positions soon, and I thought...

Okay... so this exchange actually happened over the phone, just a little while ago, between me and this Associate Dean for Research whom I was supposed to speak with last week. I said that I was open to discussion. Now, I know well enough to take every exchange like that with more than a grain of salt. Just because someone mentions a position, and their interest in me applying, does not in any way constitute a likelihood that I would even be interviewed, much less offered such a post.

Truth is, my budget for the next couple years has me receiving a salary about 60% higher than they'd likely offer. And, as I pointed out to her, it might be hard for me to take a full-time faculty gig while running my business. To which she suggested maybe I'd be available to teach some classes in any case. But what an odd thing to hear, not in some casual way by a member of a committee whom I'm acquainted with, but from a Dean who's been entrusted to beef up the research faculty. And what an odd place for me to be that I'm not terribly enticed by the prospect.

I'm flattered by the attention, but I honestly don't know how to react.


Lilian said...

Oh yeah... you really can't change the name of the blog just yet... and the tagline? Wow... it couldn't be more fitting.

Curious and curiouser... :-).

Kris Peleg said...

close enough to commute one day a week?
but if it's not even tempting, seems more like a (flattering!) distraction.

What Now? said...

Isn't it something not to be particularly attracted to the idea? When I first walked away, I would have given a lot (although, ultimately, not my sense of my own innate worth and dignity) to be able to get back in; and now? I think academia would find it really hard to compete with what I've got! That is a good feeling indeed.