Thursday, August 14, 2008

Still waiting

You'd think, after so long, I'd be accustomed to waiting. But it just isn't so. More than 1 week ago, I got the email vaguely hinting that I might have won a contract. It was a week ago that I received rather unambiguous confirmation of this fact.

Then, I waited for the first step of the registration process to go through, assigning me a number I could use for the next step. Then I waited for the second registration process to go through, assigning me yet another number. These two I finally sent along to the contracts administrator, on Tuesday morning. It has been a very long couple days.

I want the contract in hand. I want to know where my technical contacts will be so I can plan the face-to-face meeting to get started. I want to know the schedule of the contract, when I am expected to commence the project, what my payment schedule will look like, what milestones or progress reports will be expected of me.

Don't get me wrong. I am pleased, thrilled. But I'm hungry. It's like a delectable meal awaits me; I know the outline of the menu items, but my stomach rumbles as I wait for it to begin.


BrightStar (B*) said...

All of the waiting sounds frustrating. Hopefully things will progress soon.

apparently said...

But how exciting to have a grant, congratulations! You've worked long and hard for this reward.

Lilian said...

It'll happen!! Save your appetite because I'm sure there'll be lots and lots for you to " eat"! And lots of hard work, I'm sure, so you'll need all that pent up energy.

Such good news! A real breakthrough. Hopefully ours will happen soon. K started checking job listings today.